Coleman : Welcome the Unexpected

Client : Coleman
Execution : Branded Film
Role: Creative Director, Producer

A hybrid short film combining a road trip movie and a freestyle rap music video for an outdoor brand Coleman.

A special short film for outdoor brand, Coleman, capturing 4 rappers, including Chinza-Dopeness and Dengaryu doing an impromptu freestyle rap session in nature. Based on the concept, “Immerse yourself and enjoy everything that happens in nature, even welcome the unexpected”, this is a hybrid film of a road trip movie where rappers overcome unexpected happenings and make their way to the camping spot and a music-video – like part where they gather around the campfire and perform the improvised rap session after an incident-filled journey. Without doubt, the best part of this film is (starts around 2:32) where 4 guys rap in a cypher (one after the other) based on inspiration from being in nature. Directed by Sojiro Kamatani, the best known for directing the viral movie, “Ninja High School Girl” “Definition of Japanese Kawaii”and track made by Olive Oil.