Goldwin Ski: No Skier Version

Client : Goldwin
Execution : Branded Film
Role: Creative Director, Producer

JKD planned and produced a brand movie for Goldwin, a comfortable and reasonable Japanese sportswear brand with over 50 years of history.
It was shot in Hachimantai, a mountain rising 1,613m above sea level stretching over Iwate and Akita prefectures. The video captures an invisible skier ripping down the quiet mountain leaving beautiful trails in the powdery snow, manifesting the brand’s image of minimalism. DJI Inspire 2, the latest version of drones were used for the shoot, capturing two professional backcountry skiers, Katsuyuki Kohno and Kazushige Sekiya carving through the snow 2km away.
In this version, the figures of the two skiers are erased in the post-production process to enhance the beauty of the skiing tracks left on the fresh powdery snow and the presence of the skiers ahead. Thus ultimately the audience can experience themselves almost merging into the vast nature. The film direction was done by Chris Rudz, and the music was produced by Berlin-based composer, Midori Hirano.